Monday, June 18, 2012

Earth Movers

When my oldest was a little guy he used to creatively name many different things. Often he would ask what an item was called - but on many occasions he just named them himself.  One day as we were driving he exclaimed "look at the dig!". As soon as I could - I looked at what he was trying to point out.  What he called a "dig" was an excavator or an earth mover. I thought about it for a bit and then I told him that yes - it should be called a "dig" because that is exactly what it was doing - digging dirt and moving it elsewhere.  Earth movers come in many different sizes but they all accomplish the same task - moving earth or dirt to make a change in the land that is being worked. It might be for a landscaping project or a housing development - whatever the project - it makes a dramatic change in what had existed previously.
Jesus was an "Earth Mover" - in the fact that He came to make changes. The only difference is that He was attempting to make drastic changes in the landscape of the heart.  He came to move boulders and stony hearts - to change them into new creations. He wanted to take what previously existed and change it into a new creation - formed by His Father's hand. Today He still seeks to change the hearts of men and women - He seeks to eliminate the evil that grows in many hearts and to change the landscape of their hearts and plant new seeds of faith and hope. If you need help in your life ask Jesus - He is the ultimate landscaper - He really"digs" YOU!

Deacon Dale