Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wola Wielka & Straszecin - Poland Pilgrimage 4a

Wola Wielka by Debica - you must specify "by Debica" as there are four or five towns in Poland called Wola Wielka. This small town is where Arlene's cousins live. It is small, non descrip, and very rural. I like it - quiet and peaceful - a place where you can be alone with your thoughts - your family - yourself. The family is warm and - as much as we could understand - very content in this little space in Poland. They are very welcoming - greeting us with the traditional "three kisses on each cheek" and big hugs. It is very special when greeting and talking with relatives who do not speak the same language. Body language and sign language take an active part in your attempt to communicate. Through it all - we do communicate - we share stories. - answer questions and leave knowing just a little bit more about our common interests - our history - ourselves.

When we come to God - He knows us better than any family member ever could. He listens to our stories - our hopes - our dreams - our expectations. Always He smiles - hugs - and gives us His three kisses - Father - Son - Holy spirit. Take time today to visit God's family.

Deacon Dale