Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Insert Foot..

Almost everyone I know has said something that they later regretted.  You know when someone says to you about putting your foot in your mouth - or put brain into gear before opening your mouth. Most often the misspeak is not intentional nor meant to harm or offend anyone. Recently the President of the United States misspoke when talking about the death camps in Poland. Anyone with any common sense knows that what was said by the President was read off a teleprompter or from a script that he did not write himself - but never the less he did say what he said. You would hope that if placed in a similar situation you would catch the error before committing to spoken word. It is a completely different thing when a video clip is edited and reported to intentionally make anyone look like they are completely clueless as did MSNBC recently with a clip of Mitt Romney. If you watched the complete clip of what actually was said and the edited one shown on the news - you can clearly see what was done. At the least - it is shameful what they did - not because he is a candidate for the Presidency - but because he is a fellow human being.
Jesus had to contend with similar misspeak and misrepresentation. The people who feared Him could not verbalize true statements that would convict Him - so they invented ones. Like those whose intention was to make a presidential candidate appear uninformed - so too did those in opposition with Jesus. They feared Him because He spoke the Truth and the Truth that He spoke was God - God's Love - God's Forgiveness - God's compassion. Anything they could speak against that - was no better than putting their feet in their mouths! 

Deacon Dale