Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stone Cold

On our recent trip to Washington, D.C. we visited the "mall" and a number of its monuments to the great people of this country. One of the newest monuments was of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.The monument which is carved in his memory is a "mountain" that is split into three sections -the left side of the mountain - the right side of the mountain and finally the third section which is suppose to be the center of the mountain. It is on this third section that an image of Dr. King is carved and the entire section is situated out of line from the left and right halves and moved forward. Inscribed on the side of that third section are the words "Out of a Mountain of despair - a Stone of Hope." Dr. King was that stone of hope who offered the people of the United States another way to embrace cultural differences - without the sin of discrimination.
For all people - of all cultures - all races - all religious beliefs - Jesus is the backbone and the original Stone of Hope - who brought God's message of love - acceptance - forgiveness - brotherhood - to all nations. His message 2000 years ago was the same message that Dr. King professed. And today that message remains unchanged. God loves all of us - not just one group - not just one color - not just one culture. He made us the same and different at the same time - not to discriminate against one another - but to celebrate the vastness and the greatness of His awesome Love. One nation - one peoples cannot contain all that God has to share with His people - so He made many - different and the same - that we could experience through each other - the Fullness of God.

Deacon Dale