Friday, June 15, 2012

Sounds of Silence

Have you noticed how loud it is around you? If you think you have a quiet work environment - try turning off all the computers, fax machines etc and see how different it sounds.  When you go to a restaurant stop talking yourself and listen to all the clatter and discussions going on around your.  Maybe I am just getting old but it seems to me that it is getting almost impossible to find a quiet place to relax anymore. Even in your own home - at a minimum - you will hear the air blowing through your heating-cooling system.  Have you ever experienced a power outage at home when everything turns off at the same time and you are left in the quiet and dark?  If you have - then you know that period of silence that follows - nothing but your own breathing and heartbeat. And when the power comes back on and everything turns on at the same time you hear the end of silence with a loud bang!
There is so much background noise in our lives it is no wonder that people have a hard time  finding a quiet place to listen to God. The one almost quiet place that I can think of is the adoration chapel at church. As long as no one is saying prayers aloud - it is almost completely silent - a silence that comforts and soothes - a silence that relaxes and heals. That is because - in that silence - Jesus can come to you.The next time your life is over loaded with sound - try the silence of Jesus' presence.

Deacon Dale