Monday, March 10, 2014

Camino Blues

One of the most frustrating things about planning a Camino journey - just like El Camino de Santiago - is the all too often Monday morning blues - that constant reminder that it is Monday - again - and you still have not started the Camino. Just as with the Camino in Spain - those seeking to walk a Lenten Camino - will feel the same frustration because they have yet to begin the journey. It is so typical of humans - we really want to do something - we plan - budget - prepare - then hesitate - balk - freeze up. Why we do that is any body's guess - maybe a natural part of unsettled resolve. When we made the decision to walk the Camino in Spain - it took a few days to settle in - did we really want to do that - were we sure - questioning each other for multiple days - then finally - making the commitment - taking the plunge. Once the exercise in making the commitment was over - peace set in - planning started - progress began. That is exactly what has to be done with our Lenten Camino - we made the commitment - didn't we? - we decided what we were going to do - right? - so now we move onward with our plans. Going to read Holy Scripture - get your Bible - going to pray more - make the time - now - looking for acts of charity - open the eyes - yes! - it is possible - today we start. Progress will come - usually at a slower pace that we had hoped for - but it will come.

When Jesus asked us to follow Him - he meant today - not tomorrow. When He asked us to pray - He meant now on our lunch break. He knows how difficult any journey can be - He was in the desert for 40 days - right? No journey starts off easy - there are always those last minute delays - but once started - it flows with unbelievable simplicity. Jesus tells us - God will not give us more than we can handle - He will be with us all the way - encouraging - helping - smoothing out the rough path - straightening the narrow - helping us constantly. He will let us walk on our own - for a time - we may think we are alone - but always - He will be there.  Now - start - and enjoy your Camino.

Deacon Dale