Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lenten Camino - First Steps

In Isaiah chapter 58 we are told - "Thus says the Lord - If you remove from your midst -oppression - false accusation - malicious speech - If you bestow your bread on the hungry - satisfy the afflicted" - in other words - if we live as Christ taught us - if we dare to walk a path that others do not follow - if we place the needs and concerns of our bothers and sisters above our own - we will become true disciples of Jesus. In this day and age - there are so many excesses - in the midst of so much need - there are too many seeking to acquire more - while others seek only the bare minimum to exist. Lent is the perfect time for us to stop in our path - to pray and reflect - to consider what we have done - what we are doing - to better ourselves - to better others - to better the world. In a world filled with so many who hunger and thirst - for the basic needs of life - who hunger and thirst for the basic words of hope - who hunger and thirst for a hand up rather than a hand out - we are called - to act.

As we walk our Lenten Camino with Jesus - we will experience the dry and loneliness just as He did in the dessert - if we stop and reflect - we will see the naked and hungry - if we put aside our personal desires - we will see the desires of the sick and thirsty - we will see - with the eyes of God. To walk a Camino - to walk any journey - is difficult when done by oneself - to walk with God is a completely different experience. We walk as people of faith - keeping our eyes open for the signs He gives us - pointing The Way. As Isaiah continues - "thus says the Lord - if you honor by not following your ways - seeking your own interests - then you shall delight in the LORD - and I will make you ride on the heights of the earth - I will nourish you with the heritage of Jacob - your father - for the mouth of the LORD has spoken". We walk our Camino journey - first and foremost - to honor God - to empty ourselves - to draw closer to Jesus.

Deacon Dale