Friday, March 21, 2014

Walking the Stations

Many pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela follow the popular French route - aka - the Camino Frances. One author - John Brierley - has a Camino guide - broken up into stages - each stage representing a year of Christ's life. Each stage - station - describes in detail where to walk - how to find waymarks - historical notes on each specific stage. This guide is used by a very large number of pilgrims - seeking a comfortable way to make the journey from beginning to end. It has maps - drawings - pictures - showing the way to Santiago.

As we progress  through the many days of Lent - our Lenten Camino will lead us to Fridays - that day of the week when Catholic churches around the globe hold Friday night - Stations of the Cross. A time of prayer - reflection - as Lenten pilgrims walk the individual Stations that Jesus walked - on His way to Calvary. Most parishes offer a prayer book - a guide - complete with pictures - drawings - that help participants follow the correct path - follow the spoken prayers - to lead them to their destination - to the Cross at Calvary - to experience - in their own way - the journey Jesus walked to His crucifixion - His death - His resurection. May your Lenten Camino bring you face to face with the Cross of Christ.

Deacon Dale