Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mary's a grand old name

Mary has to be one of the most common names we all know - everyone knows a Mary - on the Camino de Santiago the Spanish version of Mary - Maria - is quite common. We heard it in the pubs and albergues - the majority of churches were named in honor of Santa Maria - Saint Mary. While walking the Camino - thinking - meditating - praying - our thoughts turned very often to Mary - Mother of Jesus.

Last night we had the privilege to view a special showing of "Mary of Nazareth" arranged by our church at the local cinema. The movie was very well done - acting excellent - the story of Jesus' life as viewed  through Mary's eyes. We realize that most of the movie has to be conjecture - an opinion or idea based on incomplete information - what we viewed was reasonable. Nobody actually wrote about Saint Mary - what she did or thought - from details shared by her - but one can make certain statements - known to be true of the majority of women - the majority of mothers - using that logic - Mary's actions in the movie completely believable. As we continue to walk our Lenten Camino - we pause and reflect - we look at Jesus - through the eyes of His mother - seeing - for the first time - Jesus in a completely different light - new ideas - not previously embraced. We see more - we see deeper - into our own relationship with our Lord - our Saviour.

Deacon Dale