Thursday, March 20, 2014

Camino Routes

When making the decision to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela - all peregrinos have to determine which route they will walk. There is more than one route to Santiago de Compostela - the Camino Frances being the most popular of the twelve routes available. Except for the Camino Finisterre and Camino Portugues - all others merge with the Camino Frances. Each route offers its own challenges - length - terrain - weather - mountains and hills - flat lands - time required to complete. Depending on the route selected and the abilities of the peregrino - pilgrim - the experience may be blissfully easy or amazingly difficult - always rewarding.

Which Rout Camino Guides

On our Lenten Camino - we have similar decisions to make - how much time we can - should -invest into this exercise - what type of spiritual Camino we will attempt - where it will take us. We need to recognize that just as in walking the Camino in Spain - walking our Lenten Camino may mean that we have to adjust - change - modify our plans - to achieve - positive results. No one knows until they are on their Camino - how situations may change - become easier - more difficult. The beautiful thing - on both Caminos - is that there is no wrong way or right way to walk a Camino. Your Camino experience is just that - yours - nobody else's. When God called you to journey closer to Him - He called You - only You - to walk that route. Everyone has their own route to follow - yours is yours alone. The important thing - take positive steps - one after another - at your pace - asking Jesus - to help you - each step of the Way.

Deacon Dale