Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weekend Walkers

As the temperature rises and the weather gets better - many people will take to the outdoors for all sorts of activities - among them walking and hiking - especially on the weekends.  On the Camino in Spain there is no difference between weekdays and weekends - every day is the same. The daily routine is identical - day after day - waking early - walking during the day - laundry late afternoon - early to bed. Even those who normally attend church services on Sunday morning - continue  their daily walk. Along the Camino - morning church is rare - evening services more  the norm - even on Sundays. It works for those walking - for  those who live along the Camino.

In America - in most other places - weekends are reserved for errands on Saturday mornings - church on Sunday mornings. Few places offer church services in the evenings - so Sunday morning services - for the majority of those - does not allow time for Sunday morning activities. On our Lenten Camino - we walk daily - even on Sundays - every day - the same as the next. Every day a gift from God - every day - a chance to grow closer to God - every Lent - a chance to grow in holiness. Spend your weekend with Jesus - He will walk with you on your journey.

Deacon Dale