Saturday, March 29, 2014

Getting Stoned

According to the Urban Dictionary - being or getting stoned - refers to those who smoke marijuana - weed - grass - resulting in a -  high - euphoric - condition - feeling numb - relaxed. Many who allowed themselves too get this way reported that sitting on a couch - they felt their limbs to be so heavy - unable to move  as if their arms - legs - were heavy as stones - thus the stoned reference.  While walking the Camino de Santiago - getting stoned meant something completely different - terrain filled with all sizes of rocks  that made walking very difficult. One particular path was a downhill stretch where the path was filled with loose stones the size of croquet balls - often moving under foot - causing many to fall - injure arms - legs - some falling on faces - bruises galore. Luckily - they survived - feeling sore - but alive.

Most people know the scripture about the woman who was a public sinner and was about to be stoned to death - until Jesus appeared. When asked what His judgement was - He knelt down -drew in the dust and replied - that the person in the crowd who was without sin -  should  throw the first stone. None threw a stone - none were without sin - they all walked away - the woman untouched by a single  stone. For His part - Jesus - told that woman He did not condemn her either - rather forgave her - told her to go - sin no more. As we reflect on our own lives - as we see the sins in our lives - as we ask if we would be stoned or forgiven - we need to trust that Jesus is the same today as He was with that woman - 2000 years ago . To us He says - I do no condemn you - you are forgiven - go - sin no more.

Deacon Dale