Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Camino Sounds

While walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain we spent a lot of time walking by ourselves - no one to listen to - except each other. Much of that time we walked apart - giving each other space for private prayer time - time to be with our thoughts - time to empty ourselves to the Camino. In that private time there was only the sounds of the Camino - birds - wind - running water - an occasional dog - silence. Those sounds - the silence - provided the comfort - the solace necessary to fully appreciate the gifts of the Camino

On our Lenten Camino we need to do likewise - empty ourselves - turn off our electrical devices - tune out the sounds of the world - open ourselves to only His voice - His breath - His presence.  In that silence - we free our spirit to join with His - in that quiet - we become His - alone - to move and breath in His presence. The only sound we hear - our hearts - beating - as we join with His heart - as we grow in His gift of life.

Deacon Dale