Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Early to Rise...

When anyone walks a Camino they have to plan in advance how long and how far they will walk on a daily basis - departure and arrival times - very important. On the Camino de Santiago it is very important that you do not oversleep - most pilgrim albergues want you out of their facility by 8:00 AM - they also will not let you check in for the night earlier than 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM - so they have time to clean and prepare for the next evening's pilgrims. For the pilgrims - the peregrinos - walking should be started earlier rather than later - as the morning will be cooler and more comfortable than the hot afternoon.  It is also important to the peregrinos - that they stop their daily walk early enough - to guarantee that they locate a bed for the evening and a place to eat their evening meal.

As we walk our Lenten Camino we do not have to worry about being kicked out of our homes and our beds are going to be where they always are. For those of us doing this spiritual walk - the important thing is to start our day early enough so that we may fit our Camino journey into our day's plans. We want to allow just enough time for prayer - scripture - rosaries - chaplets - Holy Mass - meditation - reflection - whatever we have elected to do on this journey. We want to do this Camino well - gaining the most out of this spiritual exercise. Planning the daily schedule - helps assure us our Camino will be fruitful. When Jesus wandered in the desert - He did not wander aimlessly - He had a plan - an agenda - which allowed Him to focus on doing what His Father wanted of Him. As we walk this Camino - know that Jesus - walks it with you.

Deacon Dale