Monday, March 24, 2014

Singing on the Camino

Walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela gives everyone plenty of time to think- meditate - pray - sing - photograph - draw - actually anything. When you have nothing to do but walk up to 500 miles - you find yourself with a lot of free time on your hands. Your mind needs to be kept alert - active - engaged. Walking with a partner - some of that time is spent in conversation.  In our case I filled some of the time with Arlene - singing. Hard to believe - since I am not a singer - on the Camino - I assaulted her ears - with improvised tunes - words - that spoke - feelings - for her ears only. It was fun - private - energizing.

On our Lenten Camino - in our free time - we experience silence - words - music - song. Most of the time during Lent - the music focuses on Jesus - God - penance. The tunes and words draws our minds and hearts closer to His presence - His reality - His acceptance - His forgiveness. As you continue your Lenten Camino - keep your ears open - for the songs that Jesus sings to you - it might be interesting - what you will hear.

Deacon Dale