Monday, March 17, 2014

The Wearing of the Green

Today on the Camino - everyone is Irish - just as it is in America and many other places - celebrating the "Wearing of the Green" - worn in support of Irish people everywhere. One of the most interesting things we discovered walking the Camino de Santiago  was the diversity of the people of the Camino. People from the four corners of the world walk the Camino - Irish - German - Italian - Korean - Polish - English - Spanish - American - Canadian - French - Australian - just to name a few. These Camino people walk as a community - each on their own - each in harmony with the space and people who live - work - walk - there. It is peaceful and on the Camino - race - creed - color - language - unites - rather than divides. It is not the country - language - customs that bring them together as one body - it is the spirit of the Camino that accomplishes that.

On our Lenten Camino - we need to look into ourselves and see who it is that we avoid - ignore - do not invite into our lives. We need to ask why - what have they done - not done - what disturbs us about them? We need to seek harmony - first in ourselves - in our families - in our communities - in our lives. We need to look for ways to assimilate - to draw in - not push away - to accept - not reject - to become - not avoid. As we continue our Lenten Camino we must become more God like - more like Jesus - more welcoming. We need to evolve - to become - all that God calls us to be.

Deacon Dale