Friday, March 14, 2014

Camino Tools

When we began investigating the possibility of walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain - we read books - blogs - online groups - everything we could get our hands on. It became apparent early on that certain equipment was necessary to walk the Camino - boots - backpacks - trekking poles - hydration equipment - technical clothing. Peregrinos are reminded - over and over - select lightweight - quality equipment - then field test - over and over - making sure you have selected the correct equipment. We did just that - we purchased and returned - boots - backpacks - poles - clothing - sleep sacks - almost everything. In regards to boots - I had to buy and try six different shoes/boots before I settled on the ones I would wear - and even then they were wrong. It took one year to plan and prepare to walk our Camino.

Walking a Lenten Camino is easier - no special shoes - no trekking poles - no special clothing - no backpacks. The only tools needed are your basic Bible and rosary. Two tools - most Catholics have those laying around - easy to use - easy to transport. Even then - if you do all your prayer and reading at home - no transportation issues. Two simple tools - no need to field test - no buying and returning - no size or weight issues. The biggest issue with these two tools - using them. In our busy lives we are too involved - too occupied - too busy. Your Lenten tools are there - you can spare the time - start today - open your Bible - anywhere - and see what God speaks to you in the words you read - then pickup your rosary - say some prayers - walk your Camino - day after day - after day.

Deacon Dale