Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rest Days

Many people find that when they embark on a long journey - like the Camino de Santiago - walking 30 or more days in a row - that the challenge is overwhelming - to say the least. Unfortunately - too many push on - ignoring signs of exhaustion - pain - fearful they will be accused of - not being a real pilgrim - not being tough enough to handle the stress - failure. Many end up quitting their journey - having gone father than their body could tolerate - ending very early what should have been a rewarding journey. Their biggest failure - not taking rest days. Rest days are more than acceptable - they help give the body time to heal and restore itself - gives the mind time to cope with mental stress - assures a successful Camino experience.

God does not expect us to get it perfect the first time - or the second time - or the third time. Spiritual growth comes in short strides - baby steps - slowly - but surely. Our Lenten Camino is a spiritual exercise and like any exercise - must be started slowly and steadily - if success is to be achieved. Take a rest day when needed - do not stop your Camino - pause it when necessary - then once refreshed - continue. Only by being faithful to your Lenten Camino - will you achieve the end you seek.

Deacon Dale