Friday, March 28, 2014


While walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain we would take breaks as frequently as possible near water - streams running alongside the path - bridges over streams and rivers - places to rest - cool our feet - relax with back packs off. One interesting thing was how clear the water was - everywhere we looked you could see everything - fish - rocks - sand - ocassionly your own reflection in the water. You could see how tired and sweaty you were or were not - the sun shinning over your shoulder - beautiful reflections - piercing to your heart.

Today on our Lenten Camino we take time to pause and reflect on our lives - what is good - what is not so good. What we have fixed and what still needs repair.  As we quiet ourselves in our thoughts and prayers today - we invite Jesus into our hearts - we reflect on how we have or have not made Him a part of our lives. As we seek Him in a deeper way - we seek to see His goodness - His love reflected in our souls. Today we reflect in the waters of our spirit - and ask ourselves - do others see God reflected in us....

Deacon Dale