Sunday, March 16, 2014

Camino Sun Shine

When we walked the Camino de Santiago last fall we had beautiful weather - everyday we had sunshine - rain only once on the last day of our walk. It was excellent - every day - bright - sunny - clear - hot - beating down on your head hot - in the mountains hot - in the plains hot - beating down on your head - day after day - hour after hour. One of the most important pieces of equipment on the Camino - a big hat - an SPF 50 hat - to block out the rays of the sun - not an option - a necessity. Walking for 30 days in a row - 6 hours or more a day in the hot sun - we needed our hats.  We appreciated the sunshine - the heat and intensity of the sun - not so much.

As we walk our Lenten Camino we do not have to worry about coping with an intense sun beating down on our heads - this Camino is different. It is walked not through the mountains and valleys of Spain - rather through the fertile fields of our hearts. We walk through those closets in our hearts where we have stored many things - joys - grief - happy memories - sad thoughts - blessed events - trying hours. In our hearts - we hold many things - good and bad - as we walk this Lenten Camino we will sort through all these - in the end - all put in proper perspective. On this Camino we - we are blessed with Jesus - His love - His compassion - His blessing - as He shines His love upon our efforts. On this Camino we celebrate God's presence - His Sonshine.

Deacon Dale