Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You Snooze You Lose

While walking the Camino in Spain - it was a daily ritual for many - waking up very early in the morning - 5:00 AM - to get a head start - leaving the albergue before the majority of other peregrinos. The goal - walking in the cool morning to avoid the afternoon heat - having more daylight so they could walk father - being able to get to the next albergue early to guarantee a place to sleep. Many were compelled to start this early for the fear that they would miss out on something - afraid of "snooze - you lose" mentality. We did not subscribe to that philosophy - we slept later - had less anxiety - accomplished our daily goals - stress free

While we are on our Lenten Camino - we find that we do follow the idea - you snooze - you lose. Being attentive throughout our day - listening to God - seeking His presence - in every waking hour - is very important. There is no race here - the awareness - the importance - working on our relationship with God - a very high priority. This Lent - each of us has to stay awake - we cannot afford to snooze - for we know not the hour when He will return.

Deacon Dale