Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Temptation

So many people dislike Mondays - the first day of the week - the beginning of one more week - of work - school - stress - trials - temptations - just go away Mondays. Nobody - having enjoyed a weekend of relaxation - enjoys the thought of starting yet another week of stress - work - unhappiness. All of us know people who fit in this group - sad - unfortunate. To rethink Mondays - to replace the displeasure - stress - with positive energy would go farther - accomplish much. For those of us who do not hate Mondays - we face an uphill battle with those who have these negative feelings. It can be done - positive energy focused properly - works wonders.

For many - focusing on he negative aspect of Lent  - Mondays are the day after another Sunday filled with guilt of failed efforts - unhappiness - sense of unworthiness. Happily this past Sunday - Rose/Pink vestments were worn at Holy Mass - marking the  half way point of Lent. Yes something positive - it is almost over - not the best way to look at Lent - at least a positive note. With half the time gone - only a few weeks to continue on our Lenten Camino - only a few weeks to endure the task.  Looking with new eyes - like those of the man born blind - new opportunities - new hope - better days ahead. As so we continue with that thought in mind - positive energy - Jesus helping us through these last weeks of Lent - making the journey easier - making the outcome positive. Mondays will come and go - Tuesdays the second day of a new week - the second day of new positive energy. Ask Jesus - He will help you on this Lenten walk.

Deacon Dale