Tuesday, March 11, 2014

On A Roll

Taking those first steps of your Camino - starting the journey - placing one foot after the other - starting with one prayer - then another - anticipating the journey - awesome - a MasterCard Priceless* moment. Some things in life just cannot be repeated - the second time is never exactly like to first - it will pale in comparison - or be so much better - never the same. We have begun our Lenten Camino - we are now into the beginning of the first week of Lent and doing good - pacing ourselves -trying not to be too over zealous - avoiding the common error of early burn out. This morning began slowly - midday passed by smoothly - evening quietly approaches. The day has been good - refreshing - rewarding - our Lent Camino - now well on track.

With Jesus leading us - we will all accomplish our goal for Lent. Keeping our eyes focused on Him - paying attention to what He tells us - means success for our efforts. Like our canine friend on the skateboard - we will do well - as long as we keep our balance - with God - with prayer.

Deacon Dale