Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lenten Camino Preparation

As we celebrate the First Sunday of Lent - we look toward a successful Lenten Camino. To accomplish this we must be well prepared - minds - hearts - bodies - in shape for the journey ahead. We need our equipment - prayer books - bibles - rosaries - holy cards - as well as other supplies. We must lay out a plan - an itineriary - where we are heading - how far to journey each day - a timeline for success. We need to plan for our nutrition - rest times - how to manage our thirst and hunger - providing for a complete camino experience. We begin with prayer - we walk with prayer - we celebrate with prayer. Although excited and anxious to rush into our Camino - we pace ourselevs - ensuring that we do not burn out - that we attempt too much - that we become an early failure. Doing what is sensible and reasonable is very important. Laying the ground work will help ensure a successful Camino. When we first began our journey with Jesus - we rushed into it - and failed early on. Now that we are more mature we recignize the error of our early attempt - this time we approach it a bit wiser - a bit smarter - planning this time for

God calls each of us to journey more closley with Him - Jesus is our guide - slow to anger - quick to forgive - always ready to come to our aid. To walk with Jesus - we pray - come Lord Jesus - help me in my Lenten Camino - be with me on this journey - guide me - that I may draw closer to you.  Spoken in earnest - He answers - come journey with me - take my hand - I will never forsake you.

Deacon Dale