Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Camino Time

When we were walking the El Camino de Santiago one thing that became very obvious almost immediately was the time factor. We had done our calculations - how fast we could and would walk - how many days to allow for completion of the Camino - what time to wake up - what time to sleep - when to eat - when to take breaks - everything was timed. It took only a few days to toss out all our calculations - the time factor - not a real concern. Instead of watching the time - instead of all the logical calculations - we listened - to our bodies - to our feet - to the Camino itself. What we realized - on the Camino - we were in the process of losing ourselves into time. Time no longer mattered - the important thing was our bodies - our nutrition - the experience. We stopped to take in our surroundings - the sights - the sounds - the stillness. We were absorbed into the Camino - we became the Camino - the Camino became us.

As we focus on our Lenten Camino - we ignore the time factor - how many days or weeks in Lent does not matter. How quickly we connect more deeply with God - with Jesus - is not important. Jesus does not wear a watch - nor does God - they are eternal - outside of time - in a place where time does not exist. One day is as a thousand and a thousand are as one. The important factor is connecting - connecting well - connecting for life. On this Lenten Camino we seek to go deeper than ever before - we seek a more meaningful relationship - one that will last a lifetime. We seek life - eternal life - for ourselves.

Deacon Dale