Thursday, March 27, 2014


During the course of daily travel many people are inconvenienced by roadblocks - temporary barriers placed in the intended path of travel - interruptions -disruptions - to a direct and swift route. In an automobile - an irritation - confusion as to an alternate route - a delay in time of arrival. Walking on the Camino de Santiago in Spain - not an issue - barriers - simply walked around - change in path - inconsequential. Considering that most people would walk that route only once in a lifetime - they would not even know that it was not an original part of the Camino path - unless pointed out by another trekker or a sign. In life other roadblocks exist - leading to serious concern - anxiety - frustration.

During our Lenten Camino - roadblocks - mainly those of time limitations. Since our journey is a spiritual one and not a physical one - obstacles with this Camino - other commitments - other distractions. As we continue our Lenten exercise we need to focus - our energy - time - efforts - on the spiritual part of our lives. We must allow ourselves - time to be - time to rest - in the presence of God. Those who participate in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament - know - appreciate - this quiet time. Each of us - walking this Lenten Camino - with Jesus - needs to see past our roadblocks - into the heart of Jesus - to be.

Deacon Dale