Tuesday, March 29, 2016

After Shock

An aftershock is a smaller earthquake that occurs after a previous large earthquake - in the same area of the main shock. That is not the after shock that this article refers to. What I am focusing on - when something of unusual proportion occurs - an event that surprises - shocks - most people. It may be a good or bad event - winning the lottery - getting a surprise promotion - receiving a proposal for marriage - house burning to the ground - being fired from your job - sudden death. All of these events cause shock - great concern among those affected - confusion - a rush of emotions - happy - sad - joy - anger. In the time following the surprise - the after shock - those minutes - hours - days - following - trying to sort things out - clearing ones mind - making adjustments - looking to the next days. Focusing on what happens next.

When Jesus rose from the dead - His disciples - in a state of shock - was it real - was He a ghost - a figment of their imagination - trying to sort reality - from exhaustion - anxiety. The aftermath - sharing stories - putting it all together - to make sense - to create comfort. Two thousand years later - no after shock - we have been conditioned all our lives - to accept this unbelievable event - the Easter Event - Mystery of God's plan - Jesus - Resurrection. For believers - the Easter Mystery is an event to be celebrated - not dissected - analyzed. We rejoice in Christ's victory over Death - the next 50 days - Easter Season - focusing on what happens next. 

Deacon Dale