Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Winding Down

When we refer to something as winding down - losing power - coming to a stand still - we acknowledge that it is coming to an end. So many things happen in our lives - we will experience  this winding down - over and over again. We begin the work week - full of energy - as the days pass - it slows down comes to a halt. Schools open their doors - full steam ahead in August - wind down - shut down in June. The same goes for most professional sports - each has a season - training - active games - wind down with only a few teams - final competition. We are now in the winding down days of Lent - three days left - then over. In these last three days we focus - on ourselves - our growth - what we have accomplished. We slowly move from the Lenten season in preparation for the Triduum - the three Holiest Days of the Christian Year.

God gives us the ability to learn - grow - adapt - adjust - to prepare ourselves for an eternal life with Him. In the season of Lent we have taken time - away from other concerns - issues - to focus on the spiritual side of life. We have paused - prayed - reflected - meditated - on our relationship with Jesus - with God. In our spiritual exercises we have experienced growth - understanding - prepared ourselves to participate more fully in the special three days to come - the Triduum and Easter celebrations to follow.

Deacon Dale