Sunday, March 27, 2016

Victory Dance

A Victory Dance - any dance or special traditional movement - done in celebration of a small or grand victory - over anything. If you Google the term victory dance you will find a vast array of what is called a victory dance. In a nutshell - anything worth celebrating - worth dancing for. The most common victory dance - on the sports field - after a goal - win. Other victory dances - personal - among friends - celebrating small accomplishments. As a people - it is good to celebrate our small wins - with family - friends. Many cultures - celebrate - with dance. Dance expresses in movement - music - where words fail to convey - fully express - the emotions of joy - happiness.

When Jesus rose from the Dead - the angels in heaven danced for joy - rejoiced as He defeated Death - the enemy of mankind. His disciples - shocked - amazed - over joyed - filled with new hope - anticipation - of more to come. Today as we Celebrate Easter - a once pagan celebration - Christianized - now a celebration of Christ's Victory. The victory - not His alone - also ours - as we who call ourselves Christians - share in that victory over Death. To us - the promise of New Life - Life with God - an eternal gift from God the Father. - with fellow Christians. Today each of needs to dance with Jesus - celebrate His victory - in a victory dance.

Deacon Dale