Sunday, March 6, 2016

I Can See Clearly Now

I can see Clearly Now was an original song written and sung  by Johnny Nash in 1972 hitting the pop charts and becoming a number one best seller. It has stood the test of time - being sung by many singers since and re-done by Jimmy Cliff in 1993 and used in the soundtrack for Cool Runnings when it again reached #20 on the pop charts. It is about ones vision returning after a rain - vision restored - obstacles removed - enabling one to visually see clearly. Often in our lives issues - become clouded - confused by rhetoric - propaganda - lies - rumors. Many times the confusion - an honest error -not intended - not clearly explained. Other times - a direct attempt to misinform - confuse - lead away from the truth. In today's Gospel for the Fourth Sunday of Lent - at the celebration of the Second Scrutiny - for the Elect - we heard about Jesus healing the man born blind - visually impaired - unable to see. His blindness - of natural causes - not a sin committed by either parent - a situation of circumstance. Those who are unable to see - blind - partially blind - no fault of their own. Those spiritually blind - another issue completely.

Jesus came to open our eyes - to His presence - His Father's presence - the reality of Their existence. He came to help us see - the reality of our spiritual life - into the very depths of our souls. He came to cure that blindness - to reveal to each of us - the potential each of us possesses - to live good wholesome lives - to treat each other with kindness - love - to prepare our mortal souls - for life in eternity with God. Jesus has revealed the truth - can you see clearly now - or - are you still blind?

Deacon Dale