Monday, March 28, 2016

Life Not Death

I read a comment somewhere yesterday where the person was asking what the big deal was with Jesus' death. Scripture does clearly say that Jesus died on Good Friday - rose on Easter Sunday. From the writer's perspective - Jesus was only dead - three days - whereas others - soldiers for instance - dead forever. For some reason he seems to understand that Jesus only had to be dead for three days - then return to life as before. What? Obviously the fact that Jesus was raised to - New Life - a Glorified Body - NOT the same as before - Resurrected! The only person recorded in history to be resurrected from the dead - Jesus. His whole death - passion - was not about dying - all of us can - will - do that at some point in our lives. The Easter Mystery is about - Resurrection - only done once - only by Jesus.

Faith is a very big pill to swallow - very hard for many - not logical - defies understanding - wisdom. Faith cannot be held in the hand - nor can it be felt - smelled - seen. As an intangible object - invisible - impossible - for many. That is why Jesus performed miracles - why the disciples performed miracles - signs of God's presence - in ordinary people - in out of the ordinary events. Believing in God - the Holy Spirit - Resurrection - takes Faith. To believe one has to be open to the possibility - the opportunity - without hard evidence. - willing to place logic aside - to open oneself to a Mystery beyond human understanding. God wills it - Jesus speaks it - the Holy Spirit does it. It is all about Life - not Death.

Deacon Dale