Saturday, March 19, 2016


We have all been there - done our best - worked our hardest - went above and beyond the call of duty - only to be told - not good enough. To say it is frustrating - does not even begin to describe our frustration. It may be a project at work - in school - at home - for a employer - teacher - family member. We plan - design - develop - create - review the finished project - only to be told - not good enough - needs improvement - design change - more time to complete. Unfortunately - some people - never happy with the results.

God knows our limitations - our natural abilities - skills that we have developed - skills that we are improving upon. Many - right now feeling frustrated that the end of Lent is so close - yet not happy with their results - efforts - knowing that come Holy Thursday evening - over - done - finished. The reality is that whatever has been done - accomplished - is all that there is - final results - no more - no less. God does not expect perfection - only an honest effort - doing what you were able to do. Jesus does not judge - He urges you to look at the positive - improvements - even if small - still improvements - something achieved. Focus on the goal - holiness - you might just be surprised how far you have grown.

Deacon Dale