Friday, March 18, 2016

Feeling Ignored

Being ignored - left out of the conversation - overlooked - does not make one feel very good. Poor Saint Joseph - his day a minor celebration - nothing compared to Saint Patrick's Day. In reality both men - very important figures - in Church history - in the world. Both very significant - in different ways - different times. Saint Joseph unfortunately overshadowed by Saint Mary. In a contested field of important persons - a second contender. Little is written about him - many assumptions - nothing of his death - accomplishments - except - he was the step-father of Jesus. Italians revere him - wear red - Saint Joseph's tables - food - family - fun - on a smaller scale compared to Saint Patrick.

God knows each of us - none of us are ignored - in His eyes we are all important. No need for a special day - color - event. Scripture tells us that he knows the count of the hairs on our heads - what we do - want to do. He knows our hearts - each and every one of us. That alone - far more important than being a household name. The only house we need be concerned with is God's house - sitting at His table - spending eternity with Him. These last days of Lent call us - to deepen our efforts - to make that last mile - our last steps - count. Jesus stands at the finish line - waiting - for each of us.

Deacon Dale