Monday, March 7, 2016

Long Distance

The term - long distance - to most people - refers to telephone calls - conversations - between two people - separated by very long distances. When I was a child - an important event - news - prompted the use - the expense - of long distance calls. There was always an extra expense involved - conversations kept to a minimum - to avoid the high expense of making such a call. Today long distance - included in most cellular phone packages - no longer carry any extra fees - expenses. Conversations may last minutes - to  hours. There is no hesitation in placing a long distance call - easy to keep in touch with family - friends.

Talking with God in prayer - even easier than making a long distance phone call. God is always available - ready in an instant - to receive your call - to listen - to converse with you. Unfortunately too many people feel that God is not available to them - unreachable - too busy to listen. The reality is that God waits - patiently - for all of us to call Him - to converse - to discuss - request - complain - share - whatever is on our heart and mind. Try calling Him today - His line is never busy.

Deacon Dale