Monday, March 21, 2016

The Anointed

Normally when someone refers to - the anointed - visions of a person of great importance - jumps into your head - a religious leader - one elected to an office of great power - influence. To be anointed - means - standing out - selected from the many - to be included with the few. In most Roman Catholic dioceses - tonight - Monday of Holy Week - the local bishop celebrated the Mass of the Oils - special oils blessed - by the bishop - Oil of Catechumens - Oil of the Sick - Sacred Chrism - to be used in all the parishes of the diocese during the next year - in celebration of the sacraments of baptism - healing - confirmation - dedication. Sacred Chrism might be used in the dedication of a new altar - church building - the majority of the oil - used on people - ordinary people - receiving extra ordinary blessings.

Throughout history - religions - cults - have used oil as a special sign - blessing - healing - power - anointing from powers beyond our understanding. In Christian theology - anointing with oil - a special calling from God - to ordinary people - to become more than ordinary - to become people - of faith. The oils blessed tonight - presented to the parish family on Holy Thursday evening at the celebration of Holy Mass - the commemoration of the Eucharist - Priesthood - to be used on Holy Saturday at the Easter Vigil. God calls each of us to reflect on the anointings we have already received - will receive - in the future.

Deacon Dale