Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Doubting Thomas

I received an email from a friend named Tom recently - have not seen him in a few months since we are in Arizona escaping the Illinois winter. He use to ask me where I get my ideas for topics to blog about.- wondering if I used a service - versus original thoughts. If you knew me you would find that my mind - travels a very different path from most. Quite often I amaze myself at the titles and content - definitely a sign of God working in my mind. My friend reminds me of another - doubting Thomas - could not believe the stories he heard about Jesus - had to see for himself - poke his fingers in His sides - hands. Most of us are doubting Thomases - in one way or another - questioning - wondering - challenging - that which we do not fully understand - comprehend. It is perfectly alright to question - almost anything. 

Jesus faced Thomas - looked him in the eye - place your hand here and there - see and believe - blessed are those who believe and have not seen. I have not seen - nobody I know has seen - yet we are believers. Many - unable to accept the witnesses of others - question so much about God - Jesus - Holy Spirit - religion - faith. None of us has hard concrete evidence - we defend what we have not seen - have not heard - never touched - yet we believe. This Lent we pray - hope - struggle - question everything - we believe. It is not an easy task - time will tell - in the end we will know -  if we hold out - if we keep the faith - stop doubting.

Deacon Dale