Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Two Too To

Two people too busy to make a difference - caught up in their own world- focusing on their own issues - self absorbed - in themselves. Not an unusual situation. Most couples - their first priority is themselves - their needs - wants - desires. It is normal - not the only option - choice - available to them. All of us at one time or another - share the same plight - serve ourselves - serve others. It is important that we see to our basic needs - to take care of our own mental - physical - spiritual - health - to make ourselves whole - to be better equipped to serve the needs of others. We need to feed ourselves with good wholesome foods and drink - exercise our bodies to keep our muscles toned and in good shape - to stimulate our minds - thoughts - to focus on the important things in life. Only then may we be empowered to reach out - to help those - too week to help themselves.

Jesus is the answer to all our questions - He is the goal we all seek - in one way or another - we know that at the core of our being - the presence of God - lives. It does not matter if we actively attend a church - worship services - if we refuse to acknowledge that we are - spiritual beings. "Our being is an instantaneous flash of light in the midst of eternal night." As living - thinking - rational - people we are blind if we refuse to acknowledge that each of us has a spiritual part of our lives. Just as we have a physical and intellectual - we have a spiritual - facet - a three fold - trinitarian existence. This Lent - seek that inner spirit - dig deep into your very self - see that the two parts - too easy to see - lead to the third hidden part - that makes you whole.

Deacon Dale