Thursday, March 3, 2016

Morning Ritual

Everyone has a morning ritual - even if they do not recognize - acknowledge one. Waking early - stretching - visiting the bathroom - shaving - showering - brushing hair - teeth - morning coffee - juice - toast - cereal - leaving early for work - school - church - the same routine day after day. Five days a week - many repeat over and over - the same ritual. The weekend - similar - most likely a different schedule - each weekend a repeat of the previous. Our prayer life often falls into a similar ritual - morning prayers - daytime - evening - bedtime - words spoken to God - often the same praises - words of gratitude - petition - repeated - over and over. We are people of habit - doing - speaking the same mantra - repeatedly - a ritual. 

When we talk to Jesus - God in prayer - we need to be active partners in this conversation of praise - thanksgiving - petition. God knows our hearts - minds - no need to constantly say the exact same words repeated in a dulling mantra. Variation of the words - praises - petitions - shows God we are actively engaged with Him. When you pray an Our Father - add your personal words - introduce other thoughts - in the conversation. There is nothing wrong with learned - memorized prayers - adding onto a prayer shows that you are actively thinking about the words you speak. Pray formula prayers slower - thinking about the words - what they mean - to God - to you - reflecting on what the impact is on your life - situation. In all prayers - make your ritual a non-ritual - break free - use your own words to speak to your Lord. He waits to hear from you - your morning ritual.

Deacon Dale