Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Walk - Run - Walk

My wife and I enjoy hiking - casual treks through the desert - walking up and down mountains - navigating various trails - through the sides of mountains - over river beds. It took awhile - eventually we found a pace that was comfortable for both of us. On occasion we hike with others - hiking groups here in Arizona - friends - family - who come for visits. We prefer a slower pace - partially because we are older - mainly because we have learned not to rush - to enjoy the view as we walk. When we walk with others we find that often we have to push - walk faster - to catch up - stay with the group. What starts out slowly gains momentum - the need to push faster - to catch up - to start walking again - over and over - depending on the terrain.
When a person first starts walking with God - hand in hand with Jesus - it may feel like a race - many things happening all at once - new experiences - new feelings - excitement - exhilaration - then the slump - the normal - much slower. For some - times when they do not feel God's presence - absence of the Divine - abandonment - all alone. Those who are mature in their faith have learned that life has a pattern of up - downs - highs - lows. Our spiritual life mimics the daily life - fluctuations in activity - intensity. Through all of it God is always present - even when we do not sense Him - He is there. In the quiet moments - it is then when we are called to slow down - to relax - to listen.

Deacon Dale