Tuesday, March 15, 2016

High Rollers

Recently we have been attending Sunday Mass at a small church on an Indian Reservation. The route that we take to the church - passes by a casino operated by the local tribe. On previous Sundays we always had a schedule to keep - this past Sunday - no prior commitments - so we stopped at the casino - a quick coffee and donuts after church. After breakfast we wandered around to see what they had to offer. A large amount of the space - dominated by slot machines - the majority - nickel - penny - slots. I thought it funny that people would sit - many for hours - on a machine that would potentially pay only pennies - the last of the gaming high rollers.
When a person commits to a personal relationship with Jesus - God - there are no questions - winner - loser. Everyone who makes the commitment - a winner. Jesus changes the way we look at life - the ups - downs - the positives - negatives. Making the decision to give your life to God - no crap shoot - always a winner. If you are still on the fence - not sure if making a change this Lent is for you - go ahead - pull the trigger - be a high roller - Jesus has a jackpot waiting for you.

Deacon Dale