Friday, March 4, 2016

Game Day

If you are a Chicago Cubs baseball fan - this is the day you have been waiting for. The first game of spring training at Sloan Park. Today marks the first game at Sloan Park where Cubs fans from almost anywhere will gather to see what the Cubs team has lined up for their fans. There will be plenty of fans from Chicago in attendance today - as well as locals - all fans of the infamous Cubs. Many are snowbirds - here in Arizona for the winter - others like my cousins - here on vacation - in time to watch their beloved Cubbies. Win or lose - today will be a great day.

At some point in time most of us will see God - face to face - when our game day arrives - that day when we are taken from this earthly existence - to our heavenly one. When we come to that time in our life - when we are called by God - prepared or not - to join Him - we will celebrate with great joy - anticipation - of our eternal existence. There will be no more batting practice - no more leg stretches - no more running the bases - no time left for preparation. Ready or not - God will call us - to be with Him. One day - in the future - Jesus will tell us - it is game day.

Deacon Dale