Monday, March 14, 2016

Same Old Same Old

You know how it is - the best laid plans of mice and men - grand ideas - big expectations - shooting for the stars - the final winner. So often - too often - grand plans - fizzle - die a slow quick death - failure. We are now in the fifth week of Lent - so many hopes - yet unrealized - so many ideas - now a pale memory. Failure - rearing its ugly head - smack in ones face. Too often this is what happens to many - failure seemingly so permanent - a cruel joke on oneself. Yes - we are in the fifth week of Lent - the fact remains - Lent is not over. If your best laid plans have not born fruit - there is still time to cultivate - to generate - new interest - in yourself - your plans. It is never too late to start - even for the tenth or more time. The goal - still possible - the tunnel still visible.

God knows how difficult it is to change - to leave behind - start over - go in a new direction. For  this reason - He is more patient that we would ever hope Him to be - He waits - patiently - for weeks - months - years - if need be. The hardest thing to give up is - is giving up. The fear of starting over - again and again - unrealistic. If anything worth attaining - it is worth working for - over and over - until finally achieved. Lent is a time of changing direction - when one turn does not work out - you change direction - again and again - until you are finally on the correct path. Need help - ask Jesus - He will light the way.

Deacon Dale