Thursday, March 17, 2016

Saint Of The Day

Today is Saint Patrick's Day - the Saint of the Day - honored in today's liturgy at Holy Mass. Of course today - everybody is Irish - wears green - eats and drinks green food and drink - tries their best to speak with an Irish brogue. There are a lot of saints - not all are as popular as Saint Patrick - most daily Masses in the Catholic church - celebrate one saint or another. Many more saints - than most can count - are aware of. Saints are everyday people who - for the most part - lived ordinary lives - did out of the ordinary things. Everyone has a chance to become a saint - not necessarily recognized by the Church - people who live good lives - trying their best - commendable - for all the good they did while alive.

God calls all of us to sainthood - to holiness - to live honorable - upstanding lives - as role models for others. As we complete this fifth week of Lent - look forward to Holy Week - the Triduum - Easter - we ask ourselves - have we done enough - prayed enough prayers - attended enough extra services - made an effort to take unnecessary things out of our lives - put good things - ideas into our lives. We still have time for personal examination - evaluation of ourselves. Lent continues until Holy Thursday evening - one last week to make it happen. Jesus calls each of us to Himself - to be embraced in His arms - to feel His warmth - His presence - as you journey - to sainthood.

Deacon Dale