Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tub Time

Growing up in the mid-west most families we knew celebrated that honored tradition of - the Saturday night bath. Coming from a family of seven children - nine of us in total - the treasured hot bath - relegated to a once a week ritual - was an ordeal to endure when young. It never seemed to make sense why you had to bathe on Saturday night - when you washed almost every body part during the week. That as it may - once a week you took your bath - needed or not. The old joke - clean mind - clean body - take your pick - would never have flown in our house. We did as told - no talking back - squeaky clean for Sunday and church services. Dad always told us that we had to honor God with our best - that included our bodies and clothes. 

When God calls anyone to a closer relationship with Him - He calls - as you are - where you are. You do not have to bathe - no need for your best attire - just your acceptance of Him - His desire for you to be close to Him. Once you have drawn near - experience His awesome love - forgiveness - you will feel unclean - unworthy. It is then that you ask to be bathed in the waters of regeneration - in baptism. As Easter draws closer - the Elect - those preparing for reception into the Church - look forward - anticipate - the most special Saturday night bath they will ever receive - baptism in the font of newly blessed Holy Water - at the hands of their priest - in sight of the congregation - together as one family - celebrate Saturday night baths.

Deacon Dale