Friday, March 11, 2016

Fish Story

Almost everyone has spun a tale or two in which the details - not as accurate as should be - perhaps embellished - the truth stretched - a bit. The six foot fish caught in the ocean - in reality maybe 18 inches - off the end of the dock. Perhaps photo-shopped to extend the tale. Long tales often center around sporting feats - the number of guys or gals you have dated - the size of your boat - house - summer home - bank account. The deception - a lie of sorts - not meant to defraud - rather impress - family - friends - strangers. These fish stories - an attempt to boost ones self image - in the eyes of others.

God knows not only our minds and hearts - also what we have done - will do - are capable of. Only God sees our true potential - abilities - to succeed - fail. To Him - it does not matter - He could care less about the feats we have done - rather He looks at our hearts - who we love - will love - care for. He wants us to love Him first - foremost - above all else - to worship Him - serve Him - in the persons we live and work with. With God - no need to stretch the truth - He loves you just the way your are.

Deacon Dale