Thursday, March 10, 2016

You Can't Do That

One of the biggest killers of personal growth - you can't do that - prejudging a situation - ability. How many of us were stopped - dead in our tracks - by that comment. Learn to play a musical instrument - participate in some sport - travel to a distant land - join a special interest group - you can't do that. Most of the time the one judging if we were capable - themselves - unable to do what we intended. Often we are limited in our expectations - only because others were limited - held back. Not all of us have the same abilities - desires - expectations - hopes - dreams. This would be a boring world if we were all identical - did the same things - had the same limitations. The world needs dreamers - risk takers - those who push themselves beyond the ordinary. 

When God created humankind - we were given Free Will - the ability to accept - reject - ideas - thoughts - dreams - hopes. He created each of us to - be. Everyone has the ability to excel - in one way or another - to become more than we are - to reach for the stars. In our searching - reaching - attaining - we need to remember the One who gave us this ability - who created us with an inner potential - the possibility of becoming more. As we advance in thought - reason - expand our abilities - we need to first thank the One who is -  the Author of Life - Our God.

Deacon Dale