Sunday, March 20, 2016

Holy Week 2016

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week 2016 - we commemorate Jesus' entry into Jerusalem - riding on a donkey - palms waving - people cheering - chanting - excited - the entrance of the Messiah. How quickly things went from joy - excitement - to - despair - anger - sadness - loss of hope. Today we begin our annual walk down memory lane - we recreate the events of this week - complete with all the emotions - happy - sad. For over 2000 years now - we remember - has it done us any good - has it made us a better people. Most - weather Christian or not - would agree that Jesus' appearance in the world was one of the biggest events in the history of man - affected the development of cultures - people - around the world. Yet - two millennium later - do we act like we learned anything. If you have watched even a minimum of the current political shenanigans - it would be almost impossible to see any Christ like actions among the candidates. Trash talk - innuendos - misdirection - comments taken out of context - all confusing the public - creating a very unhealthy environment. At a time in history when we should be people of peace - compassion - understanding - we have nothing - reeds - palms blowing in the wind - our leaders - acting like children - immature - themselves victims of their own tactics.

In this holiest week of the Christian calendar - we experience God's Divine Mercy -  His compassion - understanding - forgiveness - healing. God is able - will forgive our sins - even the comedy that is the political scene in America. All we need to do is ask - period. We do not understand why - but He will. Jesus - the compassionate teacher - Son of God - the gentle spokesperson - calls each of us to a deeper relationship with Him - with His Father. In this week - it is possible - Jesus waits - quietly - for your next move.

Deacon Dale