Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Faith Of Our Fathers

When discussing a person's faith life - not unusual for them to respond - that was my father's faith - I was raised that way - not necessarily what I believe now. I have heard this very comment from people from all faith backgrounds - Jewish - Christian - Muslim - Buddhist - Hindi - to name a few. What these people are saying is that it was perfectly fine for their parents to believe - worship - in one way or another - for them - no longer applicable. This is particularly noticeable in times of good employment - healthy economy. It is not until things fall apart - unemployment rears its ugly head - financial market hits a low - that people begin to show interest in their faith life. It is a common concern of many parents these days - concerned that their children who were brought up in a family with a very active faith life - no longer attend services - show no signs of belief in the spiritual life - credit their good fortune instead to knowledge - science - money - technology. All forget where the ability to create ideas came from - minds of ordinary people - blessed with extraordinary intellect. None of us created our own minds - although we may exercise and develop them - the ability to think - assess - evaluate - create - goes beyond the intellect we were born with. We have to acknowledge that we are not the creator - we did not design our bodies - minds - natural abilities - all credit goes to the One who created humankind in the first place. Recognizing this - why do so many fail to worship - practice any faith?
God is very patient with us - more patient than anyone of us would ever be. He knows our problems with acknowledging His presence - yet - He continues - to love and bless us in spite of ourselves. Leaving hints - clues - signs of wonder - awe - often fail to gather attention - still He persists. One day - one time - eyes will be opened - hearts will receive - His message. Until then - we of faith - keep on praying.

Deacon Dale