Saturday, March 5, 2016

The I Of God

Just what do I mean - The I Of God - what am I saying? There is the EYE of God - in this reference - the all seeing - all knowing - eye of our Creator - our Lord - our God. The One who knows everything - is all knowledgeable - all loving - all forgiving - all healing. When I refer to the I of God - that is me - myself - the one individual - who hopefully - in some small way - reflects this one small part of the community of believers - who makeup up the body of Christ - God. Each and every one of us - individuals - together - help form - give shape - give substance to the body of Christ - the God of the people. How I act - react - speak - say - reply - respond - to others - a reflection on the entire body of Christ. When I sin - do something wrong - make a decision to hurt - harm - another - I diminish - the body of Christ. My actions - reactions - speak for themselves. All of us - no one excluded - at times - will error - do something wrong - to diminish the dignity of  the entire body. As I watch - observe - the current political gymnastics - between opponents - it is apparent that none of them - respects the communal body of Christ. It does not matter if they are Jew - Greek - Christian - Protestant - Catholic - Atheist - Agnostic - religion aside - none of the political hopeful - shows any respect to their fellow opponents. A very sad commentary on the times.
We are half way through the season of Lent - when most people seek ways to avoid sin - rid themselves of pettiness - flaws in lifestyle - to be better than they are - to raise themselves up in the eyes of God. If any of us wishes to be seen - in a positive light - as being one with our Lord - we cannot allow ourselves to - do as they do - rather - we must go against the flow - avoid the temptation - to be sucked into the cesspool of the political world. We do not live in their world - nor would we want to. Respect for ourselves - for each other - in all situations - is the way to be - to live - to become - The I of God.

Deacon Dale